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Hengkun Obtains TEOS order from world-renowned IC company

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Hengkun has recently obtained its first TEOS order from world-renowned IC company with total order amount of USD 790,000.


TEOS, a kind of special gas named tetraethoxysilane, is an important chemical material widely used in semiconductor and IC manufacturing process. Market Demand for TEOS is increasing year by year.


Hengkun’s winning of such order indicates that Hengkun is widely-recognized by the market and also witnesses a substantial progress in the semiconductor material market. Such progress will definitely bring Hengkun with positive effects in future.


Before the company went public in NEEQ, Hengkun was highly optimistic about the market prospects of China’s semiconductor industry and therefore built a professional technical and sales team for semiconductor materials. The team has been committing to the R&D and market development of semiconductor materials.


Combining solid technical strength with abundant material resource, Hengkun has been working closely with upstream and downstream firms to promote and accelerate the development and application of products in China.
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